The success of this project will depend on you!  There will need to be many Worcesterites and those who care about the city who will be willing to learn, to dialogue and to vision together.

Here are some ways you might want to consider participating:

Join us as a supporter of this project:  This is an all-volunteer, civic engagement effort.  No financial contribution is required!  If you list yourself as a supporter, it just means you think this project may potentially be worthwhile.  Sign up above and we will just list your name and/or the name of your organization.  Can we get 100 people open to exploring Worcester and urban design this year?  300?  500?  Even more?

Comment on blog posts:  Some blog posts may end with, “what do you think?”  Tell us what you think.  Tell us often. Get others to tell what they think.  Share a story, memory, observation. The only request:  Please be kind and respectful.  It is so easy to demonize others (“the city”, “the politicians”, etc) or to say something mean online that one would never think of saying face-to-face.  Let this be an exercise in “right speech” and in active listening.

Consider writing a guest blog post:  Maybe you have returned from visiting another city and you have experienced something that might be a lesson for us here in Worcester.  Write about it!  Or maybe you love history and can research what happened to all the neighborhoods razed when route 290 was built or write up some oral histories of what life was like in Worcester fifty year ago.  Or maybe you are a walk-bike advocate and can tell us about routes in the city or  your ideas to increase the walkability/bike-ability of Worcester.

Organize a community event:  We can be as creative as we can be here.  Host a book discussion event.  If you are a teacher or professor, organize a community-based learning project.  Map out a Jane walk or bike ride in some of our neighborhoods (Canal district, Main South, Crown Hill, etc). 

Have ideas?  Email Joyce at


Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about this project. There's no better way to make an impact on Worcester than to become an active civic participant yourself!